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David Whitehouse

David Whitehouse, PhD

David Whitehouse
David WhitehouseDavid Whitehouse, PhD

Description de David Whitehouse

Business and finance journalist in Paris, 26 years of experience including 17 years as an editor at Bloomberg News. Currently business editor of The Africa Report, published by Jeune Afrique.


I also write communications content for clients including 4P International.

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  • Journaliste
  • Consultante Communication Digitale

Offres de David Whitehouse

writing, editing

Reporting, writing, editing and proofreading in English. French to English translation. I am also an experienced book editor and have written two books myself. https://dw491.contently.com

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Compétences et mots-clés

  • Finance
  • Afrique
  • Business

Formations & Certifications

  • E
    Exeter University


    De 2016 à 2020

    PhD colonial history in Rwanda and Burundi

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David Whitehouse
David Whitehouse, PhD