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Francisco Bolaños

Project Manager

Francisco Bolaños
Francisco BolañosProject Manager

Description de Francisco Bolaños

Scrum master and certified Agile Practitioner, specialized in cross-team coordination and Marketing and Community.


  • Senior project manager
  • Traducteur

Offres de Francisco Bolaños

Marketing Project Manager

Internal team coordination and ovverseeing a group of marketing projects simultaneously and tracks the success of that selection of projects against company goals like sales growth or customer retention.

35 - 45 € TTC / Heure

Compétences et mots-clés

  • Agile, Directeur de Projet IT, Chef de Projet IT
  • Espagnol
  • Pack Office  Teams  Sharepoint
  • Anglais bilingue
  • Marketing

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Francisco Bolaños
Project Manager