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Concept artist freelance

JAMROZ GARYConcept artist freelance

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I am a senior concept artist and illustrator based in France with more than 15 years of experience in the video game, film, book cover and other related art field.
I have studied graphic arts and advertising for 4 years where I was graduated with honors, and then 2 years of specialization in illustration.

Extremely curious by nature, I have a passion for everything that is related to the image.

After some time as a freelancer, I went to work as a concept artist at Wizarbox for two years, on several games for various platforms.
Then I was hired by DONTNOD Entertainment in 2009 where I stayed 10 years, using my skills to create characters, props and environments for all the studio Projects.
Then after 10 years at DONTNOD Entertainment, I decided to go back to the freelance life once again to keep pushing and create more arts.

I serves now as a freelance concept designer and illustrator for video games, movies, TV show, role playing game, book covers, and more.

A receptive perfectionist, I strives to push my work in order to communicate a maximum of information and ideas.
Always listening to the teams, my knowledge allows me to act as a bridge between various other related professions (3D Chara, 3D enviro, Fx, Level design)
My goal is to work on ambitious, innovative and federative projects, to share my knowledge and passion within a team and to push further the limits of what we can accomplish.

Always looking for new challenges, I am always on the lookout for new projects.


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  • Concept Artist
  • Illustrateur
  • Directeur artistique


concept artsit/designer freelance

concept artsit/designer freelance

Concept artist/designer freelance,

16 ans d'expérience dans le Jeux videos, films, couverture de romans et plus

Pro efficient en decors/ characters/ props/FXs ect

disponible pour mission courte ou moyenne.

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  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Character design
  • Game art
  • Film
  • Dessin 2d
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Concept artist freelance