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Lucie Demeillers


Conseil en CRM / création de contenu digital

Lucie DemeillersLucie Demeillers

Description de Lucie Demeillers

Hi ! I'm Lucie and I'm a content creator. What I do best in my job is write great stories for customers to have the best purchase experience.

I've worked for more than 3 years in the cosmetic industry (Sephora, Marionnaud) more specifically in CRM teams where I was working on database animation, loyalty programs and recruitment.

I am now working with companies on their CRM strategies. I imagine for their specific needs customer segmentation, personalization, targeting, promotion plans, customer journeys, loyalty programs across several channels (email, direct mailing, SMS, online game, affiliation).

If you're interested in working together you can contact me at lucie.demeillers1@gmail.com for projects in English and French!

Offres de Lucie Demeillers

Conseil en marketing / SEO / CRM

Conseil en marketing / SEO / CRM en fonction des besoins clients

250 € HT / Jour

Compétences et mots-clés

  • email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • social media
  • english
  • experience client
  • CRM
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Lucie Demeillers
Conseil en CRM / création de contenu digital