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Patrick Taranto

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Patrick Taranto
Patrick TarantoCoach en cariière

Description de Patrick Taranto

• Responsible for recruiting “A” Players to accelerate company profitability in Sales, Telemarketing, IT
• Ensures the highest standards of professionalism in the practice of Executive Search and BPO
• Accountable for: Executive Recruitment, Selection, Consulting, Executive career management and Management consulting; specializes in the technology industry
• Conducts various recruitment projects (involves: project planning, job market research and analysis, search and selection of potential candidates for conducted projects, conducting interviews in person and via telephone)
• Successfully creates matches between a company and a prospective employee
• Provides a career coaching service for young graduates, executives, freelancers and entrepreneurs.
• Conducted an extensive study on Human Resources Information Systems
• Authored 22 books available on Amazon & translated InstantIncome by Janet Switzer
• Active contributor on Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube


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Career Coaching

Coaching de carrière

50 - 200 € HT / Heure

Contacter Patrick Taranto

Patrick Taranto
Coach en cariière