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Thomas Lhomme Sorel


Thomas Lhomme / superviseur 3D

Thomas Lhomme SorelThomas Lhomme Sorel

Description de Thomas Lhomme Sorel

As a CG Supervisor i am the link between the artists and the creative team.
I will oversee the teams at a project level, providing technical and artistic leadership across multiple projects and managing the day to day production needs.


  • Superviseur 3D
  • Caméra / body matchmove artist
  • Vfx pipeline advisor

Offres de Thomas Lhomme Sorel

CG supevision

Managing and supervising the post production teams to create 3D content for a variety of styles and projects on schedule and budget.

Quality controlling output by the team on assigned tasks in line with budget requirements

Actively providing creative and technical solutions to overcome production/creative challenges

Working closely with Head of 3D and R&D department to identify process improvements/tools to increase department productivity

Working with production management, clients and contractors to provide task breakdown and estimates per project

Working with production management to resource and prioritize tasks and help drive the team to meet schedule and budget objectives.

Mentoring and developing all members of the department on an individual and collective basis

Work closely with production to assign shots, plan schedule and advise on artist assignment.

85 - 100 € HT / Heure

Mathcmove / camera tracking / rotoanim

Deliver Digital Camera Match move for all following departments in CG and Compositing

Insure quality control of said digital cameras

Work with production management to prioritize tasks

Keep CG Supervisor and Head of FX informed of progress, changes and other critical issues

55 - 75 € HT / Heure

Compétences et mots-clés

  • VFX
  • Cg
  • 3D
  • Caméra 3D
  • Pipeline
  • Python

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Thomas Lhomme Sorel
Thomas Lhomme / superviseur 3D